Duck Race 2013

April’s Duck Race was a quacking success; the weather was reasonable, the soup was hot, the course was clear and the new, improved quality ducks hired from SARA seemed to enjoy their swim. Many thanks to all those who helped on the day, especially those who got wet (some more so than others…) A lot of organisation and hard work go into running this event, and we value everyone’s support, not least in the selling of tickets, which is not easy particularly in today’s economic climate. The winning duck completed the course in about half an hour but many arrived a lot later than that! Here are the results:

1st Prize     £50   no 349   Peter Ellis            from sheet 14 sold by Viki Ellis

2nd Prize   £40  no 116    Sarah Brady        from sheet 5 sold by Martin Brady

3rd Prize   £30   no 409   Anne Lewis          from sheet 17 sold by Eileen Grassby

4th Prize   £20   no 381    Barie Evans         from sheet 16 sold by Hazel Evans

5th Prize   £10   no 676     B Robinson          from sheet 28 sold by Brian Robinson

6th Prize   £10   no 344    Rebecca Procak  from sheet 14 sold by Viki Ellis

Last duck home  no 325   Viki Ellis                from sheet 13 sold by Viki Ellis

100_0136100_0713 100_0679


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