2009 Visit to Cormeilles

August 2009 saw another sunny, fun-filled visit to Cormeilles by a coachload of British twinners, driven once again by the amiable young Rob from Colefordian. The Thursday journey via Portsmouth and Caen was broken with a quick wander round the pretty village of Beuvron en Auge before arriving chez our hosts in the early evening.

Friday brought the traditional Vin d’Honneur in the Town Hall where people renewed old friendships and made new ones. We had an extra treat that evening in the form of the choir of Epaignes, singing for us in the church there, followed by more vin.

The Saturday visit this year was to the splendid palace of Versailles, where a tour of the interior was followed by a picnic in the grounds.

Sunday morning saw several of us taking part in the service in the tiny Catholic church at Cormeilles, notable for its sloping floor and ancient box-style pews. Others preferred the more secular attractions of the market. We all gathered together at midday for one of those memorable French lunches that last all afternoon, complete with accordionist and dancing, not to mention singing!

Monday, not surprisingly, was a day of recovery spent in varying ways with our hosts.

All too soon it was Tuesday, time to wave goodbye and set off on our way. We spent some time in the interesting town of Bayeux before boarding the ferry and travelling home.

Many thanks, as always, to our  hosts for looking after us so well. A la prochaine!


4 responses to “2009 Visit to Cormeilles

  1. This is a gt presentation and well done to you Chris for putting it together. It is a perfect representation of the good times we have all shared over the years..and lovely to see the pic of Barrie Evans on one of the photos too, plus all the family shots.
    Definetly recommend joining CCTA.

  2. Still enjoying the memory of a great trip to Cormeilles 2009! We were very well entertained – wine, vintage cars, cider, apple farms, calvados, excellent company etc etc – and look forward to meeting our French friends again this summer!

  3. Thankfully some bloggers can write. My thanks for this read..

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